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Chasing Butterflies (Little Life Lessons)

Chasing Butterflies (Little Life Lessons) - Harry Toews Firstly, I actually would rate this one 3.5 stars.

Chasing Butterflies is a gentle read that follows Sophia and Matteo as they discover an important lesson about judging by appearances. The illustrations are simple, colourful and appealing and perfect for the ebook format in which this book has been released. Young children will thoroughly enjoy the reveal of the "magic" and no doubt be inspired to begin their own quest to discover something similar in their own backyard.

Given the amount of text in the book, I would recommend this story for early independent readers. Alternatively, given the inter-generational theme to the tale, it would be the perfect book for grandparents to gift to and read with their grandchildren.

Thanks to the author for the opportunity to read and review Chasing Butterflies.