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Broken Homes - Ben Aaronovitch First things first, it's actually a 3.5 from me. I had been eagerly anticipating this one, being a big fan of the series.
Things started off well, with a body discovered in mysterious circumstances, followed by a suicide-that-wasn't, so everything was pointing towards another rollicking adventure for Peter, Lesley and Nightingale (and Toby, of course). And then.....
....well the pace slowed considerably. I found that Broken Homes really sagged in the middle, much to its detriment. If I wasn't such a fan of the series, I may have been tempted to put this one down halfway through, in all honesty. But then...
...I'm very glad I didn't because the story is rescued by a quite spectacular and totally unexpected climax.

Overall, if you aren't already a fan of the series, this won't be the book that wins you over. If you are a fan, and can happily forgive a little bit of boring on the basis of past enjoyment, then this will be another positive addition to the series.