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The Vale Girl - Nelika McDonald I received his book as a Goodreads First-reads win in a giveaway.

Synopsis: Sarah Vale, teenage daughter of Banville's resident lady-of-ill-repute goes missing and no one seems to care except for Tommy Johns and Sergeant Henderson.

This book is currently being promoted in the Get Reading Top 50 Books You Can't Put Down guide....I found it to be quite an engaging read, despite some slow spots during which the characters become particularly introspective. Given that this book is set in a rural community, the slow spots won't necessarily detract from the story for some readers, because they seem to suit the setting. I, however, felt the need to skim these sections.

The first three quarters of the book kept me interested due to the likeability of both Tommy and the Sergeant. There were enough red herrings thrown in to keep the story and one's brain ticking over.

What really killed this one for me was the far-fetched nature of the ending. Not necessarily far-fetched in terms of how the characters might behave, but in the sense that the events of the ending seemed to bring in a bit of a feeling of heroism to some characters that I felt was misplaced. All in all, the final chapters were a bit too pat and convenient given the amount of time spent exploring the reactions and consequences of certain characters' life choices earlier in the novel.

Still, it's definitely worth a look and kept me engaged for the majority of the time.